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Interviewing Alvaro Siza
Rua do Aleixo, Oporto, December 2014

The interview with Alvaro Siza was about his experience in Berlin during the late seventies and the eighties.

We are prepearing a publication about that period and also the influence of the reconstruction of Berlin in our actual way to understand city and comunity.

There is also an interview with Hardt Waltherr Hämer, responsible of the reconstruction of the Kreuzberg neighbourhood in Berlin.

Alvaro Siza and Marta Domènech

Presentation in the SAHC Congress

Mexico, September 2014

David López López has presented our paper Using a construction technique to understand it: thin-tile vaulting at the 9th International Conference on Structural Analysis of Historical Constructions (SAHC).
The paper has been selected to be published in the special issue on SAHC 2014 of the International Journal of Architectural Heritage